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No Wonder Tiger Woods Is Struggling: He Practices On The Range With A Warped Driver

I am by no means an accomplished or gifted golfer (if you had been able to witness my woeful, whack-f**k performance around the course last Saturday morning, you would undoubtedly agreeĀ  – “ugly” with a capital “UG”), but my guess is going out to the driving range and trying to fine tune your game with a bent driver probably does not translate to success on the course. Not to mention that his caddy, Steve Williams, is placing a club against the side of Tiger’s head – that has got to be quite distracting.

Fortunately for us, for it provides us some insight into the how and why behind the epic collapse of Tiger’s game, the lovely and talented Stephanie Wei of Wei Under Par was on hand and took some photos as Woods practiced on the range at Whistling Straits in Kohler, Wisconsin, as the golfer continued his preparation for the 92nd PGA Championship, which begins Thursday.

But seriously, a warped driver? A club crammed against his melon? What kind of conditions are Tiger and Stevie preparing for? I cannot think of any situation on the course where a golfer would be stuck with a crooked club while some foreign object is impeding their head from bobbing, dipping and moving during their swing. And for you golfing neophytes out there, the ability to twist your head about to and fro while swinging is tantamount to creating a sound, pure golf swing. And again, the warped driver? Puh-lease. You would think Tiger could afford to replace a damaged club.

No, I do not understand the basic concepts of physics or shaft flex, why do you ask? And once again, no, I have absolutely no clue what you mean when you mention the concept of “drills designed to sharpen one’s golf game.” Didn’t I just inform you that I was neither accomplished nor gifted as it pertains to the grand game of golf? Pay attention, people.

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