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Never Heard Of British Model/Golfer Sophie Horn? No? That’s A Shame

A sexy, sultry, eye-popping shame, that is.

A little birdie in the comments section of a post here at the Sportress informed me – and boy, am I thankful I heeded his advice – that I would be wise to take a look-see at the official website of Sophie Horn: a model, certified fitness trainer and 6-handicap golfer who has not quite yet taken the golf world by storm, but it should be only a matter of time before this toned, talented and ambitious young lady begins to draw quite a bit of attention.

Horn is also on the staff 0f UK golf magazine Golf Punk (which, shockingly, currently does not have an online presence), writing a column under the titillating moniker of “Golf Nurse” and was just recently featured in a story on about the scene in St. Andrews during the 2010 Open Championship. Information regarding the up-and-comer Horn on the interwebs is surprisingly scarce, but she is becoming more active on social media sites, with both a Twitter and Facebook account. Keep an eye on those.

And now, for what you have been waiting for, a Sportress of Blogitude Official Sophie Horn Photo Gallery. Enjoy.

Sweet sassy molassey. Correct me if I’m wrong, but perusing those photos (more can be found on Horn’s official site) sure is a nice way to waste some time on a Hump Day, am I right?

Yeah, I’m right.

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