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Don’t Go Changing, John Daly, We Love You Just The Way You Are

I cannot believe I went with a Billy Joel reference there. What’s done is done, I guess there’s no turning back now. What’s a backspace button?

Above is an absolutely delightful photo of John Daly sneaking a heater as he got in a practice round at Whistling Straits in advance of the PGA Championship. This photo encompasses what we love about John Daly: his never-say-die mentality, his unwillingness to bow to convention and his love of Marlboros.  Mmmm…smoky treats. I only wonder if he had the energy to endure one of his patented workouts after the round.

Just one question: who’s the chick? What do you mean that’s a dude? Rickie Fowler, you say? Big deal. I don’t care if that punk was Ricky freaking Nelson, without a haircut, there would be no way in hell that damn hippie would ever get invited to my Garden Party.

[From John Daly’s twitpic (via Wei Under Par)]