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Tupac, ‘Female Streaking’ Shirts: These Are A Few Of Alex Ovechkin’s Favorite Things

By a wide margin, Alexander Ovechkin is easily the Most Interesting Man In The NHL World. That the league does not wholeheartedly embrace his somewhat oddball, but always entertaining antics is a huge mistake, as the NHL, more than any other major professional sport, needs to do a much better job of highlighting and marketing the few engaging personalities they have in the fold, and the fact that the league has chosen the boring, vanilla Sidney Crosby truly shows how shortsighted it can be about how to grow the NHL brand.

Case in point: in a few short months, Ovechkin, the guy who I once dubbed “Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player” back during my days at Melt Your Face Off, has caused more of a stir in the blogosphere to attract the attention of non-hockey fans than Crosby has done in his career. Ovie has, among other things, taken part in a hedonistic Turkish party boat soiree, been photographed maxing and relaxing while hanging out with a sheep and set the Russian gossip rags ablaze by going out with his new uber-skinny model girlfriend. Let’s face it: the guy knows how to live it up and maybe he might ruffle the feathers of the stodgy traditionalists among the conventional hockey fan set, the fact that people who don’t even follow hockey seem to enjoy following his every move and find him incredibly compelling is a development which the brain wizards behind the NHL’s marketing machine should take notice and embrace.

Now, courtesy of Washington Capitals-centric blog Russian Machine Never Breaks (via D.C. Sports Bog) comes two shining examples which characterize Alexander Ovechkin’s ever-expanding cult of personality. First off is his t-shirt which praises the merits of female streaking seen above (video from which screencap is pulled here – note on video: Moscow looks really nice – is Ovie in a Cold War-era bunker or something?) And even better than that, a video (via Russian Machine’s Twitter account) depicting what every young Russian hotshot dreams of doing: cruising around the streets of Moscow kicking it to some Tupac cranked-up on the car stereo. Picture him rollin’! Actually, you don’t have to picture him rollin’, you can see it for yourself:

Awesome. Rock on with your bad self, Alex Ovechkin and have the good sense not to allow your wild ways to be stifled by the stuffy suits in the NHL.

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