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Off Topic: (Video) This Psycho Broad Must Really Love Her Chicken McNuggets

Um, freak out much? Toledo police have released security camera video of an enraged woman having a complete meltdown in a McDonald’s drive-thru on New Year’s Day after employees refused to comply with her order of Chicken McNuggets because the restaurant was still serving breakfast. First the woman, who later was determined to be as drunk as a skunk (shocking, although living in Toledo may have also had an effect on her surly attitude), probably due to a little too much alcohol-induced revelry on New Year’s Eve, pries the window open and starts taking swings at the employee unlucky enough to have been assigned drive-thru duty that morning. Once the inebriated inbred gets her hair pulled by another employee, she goes into her car, finds a bottle and chucks it through the window, breaking it, before speeding off.

For her violently-enthralling act of rageaholism, the gal was later arrested, sentenced to 60 days in jail and was also ordered to pay for replacement of the drive-thru window.

Crazy stuff. But if you ask me, it is much more frustrating when you arrive at McDonald’s too late for breakfast when you have a hankering for a couple of Sausage McMuffins with Egg as opposed to getting to McD’s too early for McNuggets. I guess that’s how they roll in Toledo.

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