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Classy: Former American Olympian Found Dead, British Paper Calls Him A ‘Drug Cheat’

Jeez, the headline writers at The Telegraph are a surly bunch, aren’t they? Usually, when a person dies tragically at a relatively young age, despite any potential shortcomings in character, it is a generally accepted practice to at least report their death with some level of decorum and class. At least until the body has cooled. Granted, the person who passed away wasn’t some inbred member of the royal family, but apparently, The Telegraph feels they needn’t play by such rules, as evidenced by them referring to Antonio Pettigrew, who was found dead in his car just this morning as a “drug cheat.” That’s harsh, man.

Here’s the heartless way The Telegraph reported his untimely passing, in its entirety:

Pettigrew, who worked as an assistant coach at the University of North Carolina was discovered early on Tuesday morning in his car.

Pettigrew was part of the 4x 400 metre relay team together with Calvin Harrison, Michael Johnson and Alvin Harrison, that won the gold medal for the US in the Sydney Olympics in 2000, but the International Olympic Committee stripped the team of the medals in 2008 after Pettigrew admitted doping during a trial against former coach Trevor Graham.

Pettigrew had spent four seasons at North Carolina and focused on sprints, hurdle and relays. He graduated from St. Augustine’s in Raleigh in 1992.

Now, I’m not disputing that Pettigrew did in fact cheat in an athletic event, but does that warrant such a cold reaction to his death? I sure as hell don’t think so. Either way, I’m sure the editors who approved the headline and the writer of the article sincerely hope that Antonio Pettigrew rests in peace…that way, one day they can visit the site of his grave and take a great big steaming dump right on top of it. Jesus.

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