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Brace Yourselves, Folks, ESPN The Magazine Is Now ‘Reimagined’, Whatever That Means

Screw “Madden Day” – so played –  that crap is for video game geeky dweebs anyway. Friday, you see, is the real day you should have been looking forward to all along, because there be some radical stuff going down involving your favorite periodical incarnation of your favorite all-sports cable network! Sure, it’s the only periodical incarnation of an all-sports cable network out there, so the bar was not set very high, but still, this is…wait…hold on…

(makes virtual quotation marks with my hands)


Ready? Here we go: the geniuses behind the magazine you have grown to love – or hate (and hate even more when they keep automatically re-upping your subscription every year) – have completed some behind-the-scenes, super-top-secret tinkering with the format and are prepared to put out the first “reimagined” issue of ESPN The Magazine on Friday. Whee!

I know what you’re wondering: how much better can they possibly make ESPN The Magazine? Why mess with perfection? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Well, here’s the inside scoop from tWWL:

ESPN The Magazine will reveal its “reimagined” magazine this week when its College Football Preview issue hits newsstands Friday, August 13. ESPN The Magazine will now devote the majority of its pages to one sport or theme. Two of new sections in the “reimagined” ESPN The Magazine are called “Go” and “Play”.

God, I hope they devote a majority of an upcoming issue to the WNBA Playoffs. If not for every single fan of the WNBA (lesbian and non-lesbian), but to give this guy something to cheer about:

That video will never get old, even if some party-poopers insisted the sound be removed.

But back to the “reimagined” ESPN The Magazine. Now, according to the press release, the editors of The Mag (I call it “The Mag” because Stu Scott once “Holla-ed” at me in his column) could have simply rested upon their laurels, but much like their on-air and online counterparts, they are never satisfied with the status quo and their mission will not be complete until they complete decimate all competition and reign supreme over the entire sporting landscape.

ESPN The Magazine reflects the belief that successful magazines embrace their inherent print qualities while innovating, both in print and digital form. ESPN The Magazine’s new approach enhances its “page plus” content push from its print product to TV, ESPN Insider, iPad and iPhone platforms; The Mag shares a bundled subscription model with the latter three. ESPN The Magazine is the No. 1 magazine among men 18-34 and reaches a diverse audience mix – No. 1 with both African-American and Hispanic readers.

The No. 1 magazine among men 18-34? What happened to Maxim? Or High Society, Club or Barely Legal for that matter? Times sure are a-changing, man.

Further, while The Mag appears to have cornered the market as far as male African-American and Hispanic readers, it seems they are still having difficulty overtaking Igloo Weekly in the much coveted Inuit market. A disappointing development to be sure, but I’m sure they are working on that as we speak.

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