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Yamma Hamma: Photo Of Man Suing Mets After Taking Broken Bat To Face Is Gnarly

GAH! Sweet holy hell, that is horrible.

And here we thought that simply being a Mets fan was painful enough, due to recently filed lawsuits, the story (and squirm-inducing photo) of Mets fan James Falzon is brought back into public consciousness.

If you happen to be a Mets fan (you poor bastard), you just might recall what happened way back in August of 2007, when Falzon, a 50-year-old Mets fan, was sitting in the second row along the third base line in Shea Stadium when after Luis Castillo’s bat shattered on a fly ball, got drilled in the face by pieces of the bat, resulting in “multiple facial fractures, a broken nose, busted teeth and a smashed jaw.” The lawsuit alleges that the fact the bat was made out of maple, not ash, makes the parties involved culpable and responsible for his nasty injuries. Falzon is now suing the New York Mets, Luis Castillo (who still plays for the Mets), ex-Mets catcher Ramon Castro (who borrowed Castillo the bat), Major League Baseball and Jarden Corp., the company who that owns Rawlings, the manufacturer of the bat. Jeez, I hope Falzon’s attorneys didn’t neglect to name anyone else whose ass they could sue.

The lawsuit brought against Jarden Corp., which “cites a 2006 study that says Major League Baseball considered a ban on maple bats and extending safety netting around the seats to better protect players and spectator, alleges that (via the New York Daily News):

“With the increase in the usage of maple bats came a marked increase in incidences where bats broke and exploded on contact with a pitched baseball,” says the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court. “The shrapnel from the broken maple bats flew out toward players, umpires, coaches and fans at an alarming rate.”

According to the Daily News, a separate suit has been filed against all the other parties.

Here is Falzon’s recount of the events on the day in question:

“I said to my dad, ‘This is going to tie the game!'”, Falzon told the News at the time. “Then bam! I got hit with the bat.”

BAM! The irony of it all? Emeril Legasse was also at the game and seated right behind him.

But seriously folks, that bat certainly did one wicked number on that guy’s face. He looks like one of those ugly people who are not actually not ugly from the classic episode of The Twilight Zone, “The Eye of the Beholder.” Either that, or Pig-Man from Seinfeld.

Believe me, folks, somewhere in a New York courtroom the anguished oink of Pig-Man cries for help.

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