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When Roger Met Sidney: Sparks Flew, Emotions Ran High, They Ate Birthday Cake

And here Roger Federer thought Rafael Nadal was a petulant little jerk.

Roger Federer and Sidney Crosby, titans of their respective sports, were both in town in Toronto over the weekend: Federer for the Rogers Cup and Crosby for…I don’t know, for a dose of Canadianicity or something. But OMG! Guess what? Their birthdays are only one day apart! Crosby turned 23 on Saturday and Federer turned the ancient – in professional tennis terms – 29.

Unfortunately, the two were supposed to meet up and mess around on the tennis courts but the rainy weather in Toronto altered practice schedules and it was not to be. After undoubtedly throwing a temper tantrum – I’m speculating here, but it wouldn’t be shocking – Crosby, a self-described avid tennis fan, still thought it was pretty cool to meet the legendary Federer (via the Toronto Star)

“Just getting a chance to meet some of these guys is enough,” said Crosby, “but I’d love to be able to hit around (with one of the big stars).”

Crosby, after yet another temper tantrum because he couldn’t get the straw stuck into his Capri-Sun (just kidding, he probably only had one meltdown) added:

“Getting the chance to meet Roger and a few of the guys is something I want to take advantage of here,” said the Pittsburgh Penguins captain. “I follow (tennis) a lot … so this is a pretty neat experience for me.

“He mentioned that he watched the Olympics and stuff like that. I’d mentioned that I’d seen him play in the U.S. Open, pretty general talk,” said Crosby. “I think it’s pretty neat, being athletes and being able to relate to certain things, it’s always fun to understand and learn what he may go through.”

Fascinating. Now, for those of you who find video of two grown men being forced to pose in front of a shared birthday cake intoxicating, video follows.

Good stuff. Now Sidney can cross Roger Federer off the list of famous people he would like to meet. Next up: Justin Bieber, that kid from that Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie and most importantly, The Wiggles. Fruit Salad: yummy yummy.

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