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Concerning Plaxico Burress, Brandon Jacobs Just Lets His Shirt Do The Talking

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs utilized his first appearance of training camp in front of media members to send out a political message regarding something which I am sure we can all agree is one of the great social injustices of our time:

The fact that Plaxico Burress has not been released from prison so he continue to make millions of dollars playing football when he is not shooting himself in the leg. Free Plaxico!!

The shirt (above, partially visible), which reads, “Free 17 Let Him Ball Out,” is nothing fancy, something you could probably have made at a kiosk at the mall, but its message is in your face and screams grass roots activism for those who are far too often unheard, silenced, persecuted and victimized: the filthy rich professional athlete.

Burress, Jacobs’ former teammate, you see, applied for work release last month for the second time since he was incarcerated, but the wheels of justice move far too slow for Jacobs’ liking, hence the t-shirt. Via ESPN New York:

“You won’t see that anywhere unless you go and get it made just like I did,” Jacobs said of one of his best friends. “We talked once a week before camp started. I’m just hoping for the best for him and his family. Hopefully he can get out and continue his career.”

Great work on the customized t-shirt, Brandon Jacobs. While it is not quite on par with walking down the street in protest while carrying a “Free Leonard Peltier” banner or even better buying a “Free Nelson Mandela” shirt for your dog, Jacobs’ brand of political activism is a refreshing sight in these days of selfish, self-absorbed professional athletes.

You know, speaking of Leonard Peltier, maybe Jacobs and others who share his revolutionary brand of social justice should band together and attempt to convince Rage Against The Machine to write a song about Plaxico’s unjust incarceration.


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