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Arizona Diamondbacks Unveil Logo For All-Star Game No One Wants To Happen

If you look real closely at the above image, you can almost see a Hispanic family getting hassled by security and being forced to produce identification a few rows up along the third base line. I suppose you could call it a “Where’s Paco?” exercise if you wanted to, but that would be wholly inappropriate in light of the controversy. I think. I don’t know – are we supposed to be talking about this?

In any event, the Arizona Diamondbacks, as part of the roll out for their campaign promoting season ticket renewal packages and in an incredibly under-the-radar approach, unveiled the logo for the 2011 All-Star Game which is still scheduled to take place on July 12th next season at Chase Field in Phoenix. That is, unless the boycotters, protesters and rabble-rousers have their way and get the Midsummer Classic moved to another locale in light of Arizona’s recently-enacted, highly controversial immigration law. Via azcentral:

“The reason we have not is because there’s been so much noise and attention around the political matter,” Diamondbacks CEO Derrick Hall said. “However, we needed to include the logo in our renewal package because it’s a big part of our sales pitch for the upcoming season.”

Hall said he anticipates a more public unveiling, including a banner or sign of some sort at Chase Field, where there currently is no All-Star Game signage.

“We’ll talk to Major League Baseball,” he said. “With the logo out there now, why couldn’t we put it up and have a presence at the ballpark so the fans can celebrate it and the anticipation can grow.”

Man, it must suck to be the Arizona Diamondbacks organization right about now. When they should be excited about the upcoming All-Star Game as a means to showcase their stadium, team, fans and the city they call home, they are instead caught between a rock and a hard place due to an incredibly heated political flame war. But it did not necessarily have to be this way. The Diamondbacks, unfortunately, have been dragged into this mess due to Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick’s contributions to Republican politicians who supported the new law – going as far as allegedly holding a private fundraiser in his owner’s box at Chase Field for State Senator Jonathan Paton, who supported SB 1070,  although Kendrick later went on record as saying he opposes the law.

Boy, quite the conundrum, huh? But the logo sure is pretty, isn’t it?

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