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A-Rod Has A Gift…For Repeatedly Allowing Cameras To Capture His Smarmy Douchiness

While A-Rod made headlines over the weekend by getting drilled by a Lance Berkman-batted ball on Saturday during batting practice (way to go, Joe Buck!) which ultimately caused him to be scratched for Saturday’s game against the Red Sox, the slugger allowed his off-the-field persona take center stage Sunday morning when he met with some Little Urban Achievers at Yankee Stadium. And if the above photo is any illustration, A-Rod’s off-the-field persona and mugging can be just as aggravating as it is between the lines.

The six lucky students who got to meet with Rodriguez were from the Bronx Preparatory Charter School, and were hand-picked by the principal of the school due to their academic accomplishments.

In typical A-Rod fashion, although probably appropriate considering the nature of the event, he did not address his divorce, performance-enhancing drug use and why everybody except Yankees fans seem to hate him with the white-hot heat of a thousand suns. From an AP report (via ESPN New York)

“As I came up to 600 — it took a lot longer — and I had time to think about what I wanted to do,” said Rodriguez, who went 12 days before becoming the seventh player to reach the milestone. “I wanted to encourage you to celebrate your great work, let you know it’s not being ignored.”

And while stating he was “at peace” with himself despite having to come clean about his steroid use during spring training in 2009, he also had a message for the youngsters: you don’t have to be a cheat and a fraud to be a “hero” just like him:

“You can be a cop or an attorney, nurse, doctor and find other ways to be heroes in your community,” Rodriguez said.

Good to know. Good to know. But what A-Rod should have done is give the kids advice and some tips on how to appear to be a sanctimonious, narcissistic jagoff  in every single photograph taken of them. Those are the kinds of like skills that can really take a person places.

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