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You Know Who Loves Leisurely Midwestern Train Rides? The Klement’s Racing Sausages

Even wildly successful men dressed up in foam sausage suits have been hit hard by these trying economic times. Even as employees of a major league baseball team, there they were – Brett Wurst, Stosh, Guido, Frankie Furter and Cinco – boarding an Amtrak train headed to Chicago from their hometown of Milwaukee so they could take in the Brewers-Cubs game at historic Wrigley Field. I have taken a few train rides in my life and while most journeys were nostalgic trips down memory lane regarding an antiquated, yet relaxing, method of travel. I mean, I have had the unfortunate experience of getting sat next to a big wiener, but this is ridiculous.

I imagine the Sausages had a nice hour-and-a-half trip down to the Windy City from the city which the Algonquin referred to as the good land,” it was an economical trip as well, given round trip tickets are…

(checks Amtrak website)

Twenty-two measly bucks?!? Why aren’t more people using this mode of transportation?

Oh yeah, train robbers. Scary stuff.

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