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Weed Against Speed, Resurrector Of Blogs

I won’t lie to you guys: it was a pretty freaky scene behind the curtains here at the Sportress yesterday. From the outside, it may have appeared that the Sportress was humming along nicely, behind the scenes, Last Rites were being read, and just as the Sportress let out it last metaphorical breath, yours truly began scouring error logs and doing a bunch of stuff I had no place doing given my limited knowledge as it pertains to the mystical, baffling world of computer code and site administration. Here’s a hint for any other neophytes out there: don’t delete shit if you don’t know what it is or what it does.

But after much trial and error (and many more errors), I managed to raise the Sportress from the dead and return it to tiptop shape – or as tiptop shape as this blog is going to get without bringing in some big guns to clean up the mess I invariably caused by my tinkering.

We’ll return to a regular posting schedule this afternoon. Thanks for your patience and thanks for reading.