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The Jerry Garcia Tribute Night Promotional Ad Is Totally Groovy, Man

Far out, dude.

We discussed the San Francisco Giants’ trippy Jerry Garcia Tribute Night promotion previously here at the Sportress, so if you haven’t heard about it yet, please go here for the lowdown. I assume that most Garcia-ophiles have already procured their tickets, but if you happened to have been tripping balls the past couple of weeks and never made it out of your “totally whacked-out” bathroom, I have some bad news for those of you who had hoped to attend the festivities on August 9th – the 15th anniversary of Garcia’s death – but having gotten tickets yet.

Unfortunately for you stinky, dirty hippies who waited this long to purchase special tickets (priced between $25-40), you guys are S.O.L. As you can plainly see above, all of those tickets have been sold out. Bummer. Even worse, dig this: the first 9,000 Deadheads who bought tickets to the event are going to receive the Jerry Garcia Bobblehead pictured above. While a totally cool item and sure to be quite the collector’s item, you would hate to have one of those bad boys sitting on you dresser if you started having a bad trip. Methinks a person freaking out could convince themselves that Bobblehead Jerry Garcia was trying to steal their soul or something, which would totally harsh anyone’s mellow, am I right?

Also a potential harsher of one’s mellow? Darren Rovell has reported that noted Deadhead Bill Walton will be in attendance. That guy is truly a delight. So, just root, root, root for the home team, Big Man…ROOT.ROOT.ROOT.

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