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It’s 4:19, You Gotta Minute?

• I missed this yesterday as I was kept busy putting out fires at the Sportress, but my good pal Josiah Schlatter got the opportunity to interview Jerry Rice and he positively nailed it. Well done, sir. [Out of Bounds]

• Roger Goodell and John Madden went on a road trip. Here’s the question: more like Dumb & Dumber or Thelma & Louise? [Busted Coverage]

• Awkward: University of Wisconsin photoshopped a black dude into a photo to make it appear more diverse. [Total Pro Sports]

• Jim Rome and Shaquille O’Neal are the latest sports celebrities to engage in a Twitterized pissing match. [Larry Brown Sports]

• This just in: Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are part of the Illuminati. Wait, what’s that? [Bob’s Blitz]

• A-Rod was asked the same awkward question in two different languages. [Big League Stew]

• Dave Eckstein’s wife started up a website which caters to female Star Wars geeks. Cool. [Joe Sports Fan]

• So, what do you think of the Heritage Classic jerseys for the Canadiens and Flames? [Puck Daddy]

• Emmitt Smiff is my hands down my favorite KSK creation. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

• Heidi Watney looks positively stunning in her floral dress. What a doll. [Bugs & Cranks]

• The top 5 reasons why baseball is dying. [Five Tool Tool]

The Onion Headline of the Day, Part II: ‘Modern Family’ Appears At 9 p.m. Just As Prophesied In ‘TV Guide’

Well, that wraps it up for today here at the Sportress. I’m still working a few bugs out but hopefully by tomorrow we’ll be back at full operating capacity. As always, send tips, links, etc. to Thanks.