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Like Stupid In Stereo: Emmitt Smith Up Next On Rick Reilly’s ‘Homecoming’ Debacle

Be sure to tune in to ESPN on Thursday, August 5th at 7:00 p.m. ET as it will be race to the finish as to which one of these boneheads – Emmitt Smith or Rick Reilly – will do the furthest damage to each party’s most common victims: Emmitt Smith with his bastardizing of the English language or Rick Reilly with his bastardizing of intelligent, thought-provoking sports journalism. No matter who wins that particular battle, it’s going to be a hoot: a painful, awkward, borderline retarded hoot, to be sure.

For this very special episode of Homecoming with Rick Reilly, Reilly interviewed Smith at his alma mater, Escambia High School (my guess is Smith’s head would explode if he ever tried to pronounce the name of that school) in Pensacola, Florida, where “an energetic crowd of over 1,300 friends, family, fans and former coaches and teammates join him to celebrate his accomplishments.” Sounds grand. Some excerpts from the interview (via ESPN Media Zone):

On the impact Walter Payton had on him: “He meant a lot to me because he set the mark so high; he was such a great man. And he spent time with me and taught me some of the things that I should know as a young athlete and as a young professional football player.”

His advice to the high school football players: “You guys have a challenge up in front of you. Nothing in life is given to you for free. You’re gonna have to earn every bit of it … Don’t rely upon anybody else to help you; you make your own way. You have the power to do it … And at the end of the day, set your goals high and set your sights high. Because the doors of opportunity are open. You’ve just got to walk through it.”

What the fungus? Smith didn’t give high school players any advice on how YOU MUST MASTURBATE THE BALL DOWN THE FEEL? For shame, Emmitt Smiff. For shame.

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