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Jesus Carried The Cross To Calvary, Tim Tebow Carried The Shoulder Pads

Of course, the fact that Tim Tebow honored tradition and was subsequently photographed carrying his teammates’ shoulder pads off the field after practice, the symbolic, selfless act committed by Tebow cannot be denied.

Like Jesus’ torturous march down the Via Dolorosa en route to the place where he would be crucified,  there was much more to what was occurring on the practice field at Broncos training camp than meets the eye. You see, by simply hauling a couple sets of shoulder pads to the locker room, Tebow showed to his followers that there is no end to what he is willing to sacrifice for the betterment of those around him and that lugging some heavy stuff around pales in comparison to the good deeds which such an act might inspire. Or perhaps, I’m just a sinner and heretic who has cracked one too many Tim Tebow/Jesus jokes and have punched my one way ticket to Hell and eternal damnation long ago. I’d bet on the latter.

UPDATE: For those of you Tebowites worried about the Chosen One’s well-being, have no fear: I just received word that just as the sweat began to break on Timothy’s brow, Woody Paige, leader of Tebow’s disciples, did his best Simon of Cyrene impression, rushed to the quarterback’s aid and assisted Tebow as they completed the grueling journey together the rest of the way to the locker room.

[H/T for image to Larry Brown Sports]