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Forbes, Who Once Called Kevin McHale The Best GM In Sports, Ranks Red Sox Nation #1

No, really, Forbes actually ranked Kevin McHale the best general manager in sports back in 2007 when he was well on his way to completely ruining the Minnesota Timberwolves  franchise (well KG had something to do with it too, but that’s another story for another time) – so take the fact that the esteemed magazine (except when it writes anything about sports, clearly) ranked Red Sox fans as America’s best with a grain of salt. Below is a brief explanation of the methods Forbes used in determining that a lowbred population of loudmouthed Yah Doods and their pink Red Sox hat-wearing hussy counterparts are the absolute best fans in the country. I’m just kidding, not every member of Red Sox Nation is a knuckle-dragging moron, just the ones that the average person comes into contact with on a daily basis. That’s all.

Via Forbes:

To produce a list of the best fans in U.S. sports, we looked at every team in the “Big Four” U.S. professional sports leagues: football (NFL), basketball (NBA), baseball (MLB), and hockey (NHL).

For each team, we gathered three different metrics. First, we measured their home and away game attendance, which indicates a team’s drawing power in its home market and nationwide. Then we counted their merchandise sales (Numbers for the NFL, NBA and MLB were provided to us by Sportsonesource, a sporting good industry analyst, and the NHL gave us their own data). Finally, we ranked each team’s in-market popularity, based on surveys of American sports teams by Turnkey Sports and Entertainment. We ranked all of the teams, then took the top four from each of the four leagues.

How scientifical. It’s almost like they put some real honest effort into this exercise. Oh, and if you happen to be curious, Steeler Nation came in at second best, followed by, er, Red Wings Nation at the third spot. Fascinating.

Well done, Forbes, but no matter how scientifically sound your methods happen to be and irrespective of whether or not any of your sports-related findings end up being generally agreed upon by most people, whatever sports-related findings your periodical comes up with, no one is going to buy it, Because you, Forbes, named Kevin McHale the best general manager in sports.


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