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Don’t Worry, Guy Portraying A-Rod In ‘Moneyball’ Was Once In A Massengill Ad…

…so, he has a lot of experience to fall back on when it comes to acting gigs involving douches.

(taps microphone) Is this thing on?

Moving on, for those of you who actually like real sports stories and not hackneyed bits about disposable douches, above, courtesy of Big League Stew, is a photo of the guy who was lucky enough to have been cast as A-Rod in the upcoming trainwreck of a film, Moneyball. But why is A-Rod even in the damn movie you ask? ‘Duk has the answer for you:

I didn’t realize there was a part for the New York Yankees star in the movie, but the Oakland Athletics actually opened the 2002 season against the Texas Rangers and A-Rod, of course, was the starting shortstop. His 0-for-4 performance that day will be recreated by Dustin Truesdell, a San Francisco Giants fan who says he’s still waiting to hear back from Rodriguez’s agent on a possible brain-picking session. (In looking to see what else he’s been in, it appears that Truesdell doesn’t have an imdb page yet. He is, however, on MySpace.)

Please allow me to wish Dustin Truesdell the very best of luck and hope that this small role in a movie which I have no idea why it is being made helps kick-start his fledgling acting career.

Word on the street is that, in a way, this guy already has some of A-Rod’s mannerisms down pat. I heard the guy has been having troubles with his girlfriend and hasn’t been able to make it past third base for weeks now.

Hey! Don’t even think about breaking out the Sad Trom-

-bone. You guys are jerks, man.

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