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Brett Favre Is Just Trying To Reel You Rubes In, People, Don’t Let Him Set The Hook


Just like he did last year, Favre has initially indicated to the Vikings that he will stay retired, citing mental and physical wear and tear. Reports state that he began informing Vikings personnel late Monday evening that he’s not returning for another season.


Via the Star Tribune:

Favre has been unwilling to commit to playing a 20th NFL season, in large part because he has felt his left ankle has not responded the way he hoped after undergoing surgery in late May. However, many assumed Favre was simply buying time, as he appeared to a year ago.

In that case, Favre told coach Brad Childress he was retiring days before training camp opened but then changed his mind on Aug. 18 and joined the Vikings after one preseason game.


Once again, don’t allow him to set that hook in your mouth like you’re some big ol’ fat catfish. He just wants to make his return even more heroic, more headline-grabbing. Don’t believe the hype and don’t give him the damn attention.

Oops. I guess I’m already complicit in helping Favre achieve what he set out to accomplish with this latest move.

Damn you, Brett Favre!

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