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Alexander Ovechkin Seen Attending Soccer Game With New Skinny-Ass Model Girlfriend

Courtesy of the fine folks at Mr. Irrelevant comes news that Alexander Ovechkin has a new piece of arm candy, svelte Russian model, Valeria Sokolova.

From a report via the fan site, Alex Ovetjkin (please note the amusing Russian-to-English translation):

Alexander Ovechkin seems to have fallen for, this time for real. The romance between a shaggy forward and model Valeria Sokolova develops in full swing, Sasha introduces his new passion to all his friends and does not let a long-legged blonde go one step away…

The girls with forms has always been around Ovechkin, like the domestic showbiz diva Maria Grigoryeva-Appolonova or Victoria Lopyreva. Now the power forward has changed his taste and can’t see enough of the delicate silhouette of this female model.

Girls with forms? That’s a new one. Of course, as mentioned above, the translation may have something to do with the odd phrasing, otherwise it causes me to think this terribly thin gal was once a spokesmodel at Mathematical Supplies Trade Show (“Hey, check out the chick holding the three-dimensional dodecahedron model…she’s hot!”)

Just because I know you are dying to see what caliber of Russian gal an Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player with millions of rubles can land, a photo gallery of the leggy, waifish Sokolova follows:

Not too shabby, although mixing in a bacon cheeseburger every once in a while might do wonders for the life expectancy of the beauty.

As it is being reported that Ovechkin is quite smitten with his new sexy girlfriend, my guess is Alex’s hard-living days might be passing by, especially as it pertains to his time spent soaking in all the orgiastic fun on drunken and debaucherous Turkish party boats.

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