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What Kind Of Sickos Vandalize A Phillie Phanatic Statue? Oh Right…Philadelphians

I keed, I keed! That should actually read “Homeless Philadelphians.” Homeless Philadelphians. Even fans in that city who do not own a home get in on propagating the reputation that Philly sports fans are a bunch of twisted, psychopathic animals.

Two homeless men, Timothy Generale, 24, of Philadelphia, and James Barlow, 26, of Chester, were arrested early Saturday morning and charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct after a security guard in Franklin Square saw them push over the Phillie Phanatic Statue located at Race and Sixth Streets. The damage to the homage to the goofiest damn mascot ever is estimated to be approximately $3,000.


The statues are part of the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation’s Phanatic Around Town promotion. The promotion was unveiled in March of this year.

The 20 statues each stand 6 feet tall and weigh about 100 pounds. They were painted by local artists and placed around Philadelphia.

The vandals struck the statue located in Franklin Square Park in the 200 block of North 6th street overnight.

Police say both legs of the Phanatic Statue are damaged. Police tell Action News two homeless men were arrested for the incident after an eyewitness called authorities.

An extremely heinous crime, to be sure, but at least they didn’t vomit on the statue, although the cost of cleaning up puke would have been far more inexpensive than reattaching the Phillie Phanatic statue’s body to its legs.

A photo gallery of the vicious and senseless attack follow. Speaking of puke, do you know how in cop movies when the rookie policeman hurls the first time he shows up at a murder scene? The photos below are kind of like that. So be forewarned, the crime scene photos are certainly grisly and not for the squeamish.

Oh my God.


Terrible, just terrible. You can almost see the sadness and hurt and the crying out of “Why? Why?” just by looking into the statue’s eyes. You know, if the eyes were not painted and a statue was capable of emoting and stuff. Either way, it’s a damn atrocity. What sort of twisted, perverted mind could perpetrate this kind of brutal attack?

Oh yeah, residents of the fine city of Philadelphia. I forgot. I kid, I kid. Homeless residents of the fine city of Philadelphia. My bad.

Updated (thanks for the reference, Upstate Underdog):

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