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Is Being Hailed As ‘Taiwan’s Tiger Woods’ Necessarily A Good Thing?

Sure, golfing-wise, it’s a tremendous compliment, but the fact that Yani Tseng, the 21-year-old Taiwanese phenom who won the Women’s British Open on Sunday at Royal Birkdale is now being referrred to as “Taiwan’s Tiger Woods” could end up not being a great thing as it pertains to her life off the golf course.

First of all, while not fair by any stretch of the imagination, as a woman, Tseng developing an international cavalcade of hoochie-mamas will unfortunately not be looked upon in quite the same way as when a man does it. I know it’s unfair, but sadly, that’s just the way it is.

Secondly, given the awful stereotypes regarding the driving skills of Asian women, who knows how bad the one car automobile accident will be which is sure to be the initial source of the undoing of her carefully-crafted public persona. Crazy stuff.

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