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Look Out, Joe Namath Has Entered Social Media Fray, Might Be Back On The Sauce

Hoo boy, this could get very, very interesting. As you can see above, Joe Namath has entered the 21st century and created his own Twitter account, aptly named RealJoeNamath. My pals over at Bob’s Blitz also have pointed out that Broadway Joe has a brand-spanking new website, but it appears the elder statesman of Jets football might have been suckered by some savvy website designer, as the site’s url is Nah, just kidding, it’s the yet-to-be-launched Looks pretty awesome.

While this is all well and good and I wish Namath the best of luck in his future online endeavors, the nonsensical tweet above is certainly a cause for concern for anybody who has worried about Namath’s battles with the bottle and his ability to maintain his sobriety. I mean, who in the hell is Bonnie? Am I missing something here? Or maybe it’s because I’m drunk myself right about now. Hey, who is this? And where are my pants? You know what? “I want to kiss you, Michelle Beadle. I couldn’t care less about Joe Namath tweet-a-ling.”

Jets Broadway Joe Namath Launching Web Media Blitz [Bob’s Blitz]