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Daunte Culpepper Resembles A Washed-Up Has-Been At UFL Uniform Unveiling

Er, that me rephrase that headline: “Daunte Culpepper Has Officially Made The Transformation To A Washed-Up Has-Been After Appearing At UFL Uniform Unveiling.” There. Much better.

The UFL brought all the “stars” for a Uniform Presentation Gala the other night in Las Vegas. Apparently, the UFL teams wore essentially the same jerseys – or at least incredibly similar to one another – last season and the upstart league is “making an effort to differentiate the teams in 2010 by giving them all a unique identity.” Different uniforms for different teams? Brilliant!

Culpepper, for his part, is simply grateful to be part of some Grand New Experiment. My guess is he is also grateful he doesn’t have to take that gig making celebrity appearances at carnivals and boat shows. Yet.

Via the Las Vegas Sun:

“It comes down to having fun and being a part of something new and great,” said Culpepper, quarterback of the Sacramento Mountain Lions. “That’s what I think this league is going to do. I’m happy to be a person that can help start this league and get it going right.”

But here’s the money quote from Culpepper, which indicates he might not fully understand what league he has joined.

“All of these guys here are great players,” Culpepper said. “It’s good that we’re going to be able to showcase our abilities on a national stage still.”

National stage? I suppose technically, he’s accurate, but let’s be real here, Pep. While there are UFL teams scattered around the country, at this stage in its evolution, the UFL is not the national stage. At the same time, like I mentioned above, he’s nearing the end of the line as far as playing football is concerned, so he might as well enjoy it.

With that in mind, get your roll on, Daunte! Just like the old days, right? When a younger Weed Against Speed plunked down $250 for your authentic Vikings jersey only to see you completely shred your knee less than a year later against the Panthers. What a rube I am. But please, do not feel bad for me. A couple of years later, I replaced my authentic Daunte jersey – which is still hanging in my closet, for some unknown reason – with an authentic Tarvaris Jackson jersey.


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