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Yeesh: Ron Artest Taking Over ESPN The Magazine For ‘Revenge Of The Jocks’ Issue

Get ready to experience the crazy, those of you who actually spend some of your hard-earned money to subscribe to ESPN The Magazine (and yes, I know, if you subscribe you to that testament in periodical mediocrity you become an ESPN Insider on their website which allows you to read thought-provoking columns by Buster Olney and Adam Schefter and whoever else tWWL hides behind their Iron-Clad Gate Of Internet Iniquity, but who cares)…

Holy parenthetical tangent, Batman! No wonder why I have never been asked to be a guest editor for ESPN The Magazine. But Ron Artest has been asked, and that, I suppose, is the central theme I am failing horribly to address here.

Allow me to move on by simply quoting the ESPN press release which announces that they have selected the zaniest of the zany from the world of professional sports to run the 4th annual “Revenge of the Jocks” issue.

Fresh off an NBA championship win, Lakers forward Ron Artest is still looking to accomplish more. One thing he can now check off his list: guest editing the fourth annual ESPN The Magazine Revenge of the Jocks Issue, in which The Mag turns over an entire issue to an athlete. In his story, “Under The Dome,” Artest delves a little deeper into his own head—like he usually does with his on-court opponents—by interviewing his toughest rival…himself. In the Q&A he asks (and answers): “When did it become about winning for you?”; “Now that you’ve won a title, do you still have any personal goals in the NBA?” and “Do you still want to play for Team USA?” In addition to being editor in chief for the day, Artest participated in interviews, photo shoots and meetings with staffers.

There is a bunch of other stuff featured in the issue that I am sure will be a delight to read by those out there who are happy to get their sports fix in magazine form courtesy of a rag that provides a forum for Stu Scott to “holla” and Rick Reilly to “botha.”

Ron Artest Takes Over ESPN The Magazine as Editor in Chief of the Revenge of the Jocks Issue [ESPN Media Zone]