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Yama Hama, The Matt Kemp Poster To Be Given Away At Dodger Stadium Is Awkward

Dear Lord.

On August 6th at Dodgers Stadium, the home team will be putting on ’80s Night as they take on the Washington Nationals. On that night, the first 20,000 fans through the gate will receive the above Matt Kemp “King of Swing” poster (click on image for full-sized awkwardness). I have no idea who would want this atrocity and if your son seems keenly interested in procuring one, you might have some problems on your hands. And if that indeed happens to be the case, in riffing off the above poster, I would start the blame with the Man in the Mirror.

Either way, for some unknown reason, my guess is these bad boys will be in high demand, but since it is Dodger Stadium, I would say if you show up before the 4th inning, you’ll be good to go.

Because people in La La Land show up late to Dodgers games, you see. I’m surprised you haven’t heard that one.

Matt Kemp: King of Swing Poster [Vin Scully Is My Homeboy (via Out of Bounds)]