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Tim Tebow And His Agent Are More Corrupt Than The Money Changers In The Temple

One would suspect that this display of greed and envy would work Tim Tebow into a fit of holy rage, where he would angrily approach his agent, rip the Blackberry out of his agent’s hands and cast him out of the sacred grounds of the Englewood, Colorado Kinko’s rental office space and condemn the evil man, but perhaps the indulgences of fame and wealth are tempting St. Tebow.

The great Tim Tebow is missing his second consecutive day of Broncos training camp while his money-grubbing agent attempts to squeeze out more money from the organization than what Dez Bryant received from the Cowboys, despite the fact that Bryant was selected one pick earlier than the quarterback. Apparently, Tebow’s agent, Jimmy Sexton, believes that Tebow deserves to be paid a premium because he’s a quarterback.

Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels is not impressed. Via Game On!:

“We went through 60 pages this morning in an installation meeting, and those pages are filled with information,” McDaniels said. “It’s not that we aren’t going to go back and review that. We will. I think that any opportunity to get in more, particularly a young player, whatever position it is; whether it is a quarterback or something else, I think it helps them.”

As a player who was drafted with many questions regarding whether his skill set will cut it in the NFL, you have to wonder if Tebow and his agent might just be acting a bit too greedy in this instance. It’s not like Tebow is hurting for money with all that Jockey underwear rolling in.

In his report on, Ed Werder speculates that when Tebow signs, this only means that Tebow will “have to do some playbook cramming to do along with his regular workload,” which I have to question. There’s no way Tebow is going to be doing any playbook cramming. First of all, in Tebow’s eyes, sodomy is a sin and secondly, how is a person going to explain a playbook shoved up their ass to the proctologist? I’m sorry, but the “million to one shot, doc” excuse ain’t going to cut it.

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