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Welcome News: Jets Coach Rex Ryan Will Not Get Naked For HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’

To be sure, the choice of the New York Jets, with the cast of characters on the roster, not to mention good-time-having head coach Rex Ryan, for the team to appear on HBO’s series Hard Knocks was an astute move by the cable network. Discussing the access that is to be granted to HBO and NFL Films, Ryan had this to say about where cameras will not – and for the love of all that is holy, should not – be granted access to (via The Huddle):

“My shower will be off limits,” Jets coach Rex Ryan told reporters during a conference call Wednesday when asked if there was anywhere the cameras wouldn’t be allowed.

GAH! Sorry to say it, but unfortunately for those die-hard Jets fans who would gladly take in the sight of Ryan stark-ass naked in the shower as some sort of twisted display of what lengths you would be willing to go to show your support for the team, sadly, it is not to be. Nope, there will be no recreating the infamously sexy shower scene involving Kate Beckinsale from Whiteout on Hard Knocks this season…sorry, Fireman Ed. It’s just the way it is. Go get your jollies somewhere else, you hard-hatted pervert.

When contemplating what kind of retina-searing sights that once seen could not be unseen, the image of Rex Ryan lathering up with his Axe Body Wash (you know he uses it – either that or a rag on a stick, I reckon) would certainly fall into that category. Why? Allow me to introduce Exhibits A and B (also, an Exhibit C involving a much more preferable subject for a shower scene):

Yeesh. We definitely need something quickly to cleanse the old mental palate after those disturbing images. How about that Kate Beckinsale sexy shower scene from Whiteout that I alluded to above?

Hoo boy. Technically, in this clip, Ms. Beckinsale doesn’t actually hop in the shower, but it works for me. Whew, it got a little warm in here, didn’t it? Mercy, mercy. That scene will most certainly cure what ails you, I don’t care what you got. Nifty editing work by YouTube dude Chang0V, too.

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