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Unlike The Big Ten, The Pac-10 Can Clearly Count Without The Use Of Fingers

MS Paint Is Fun!

In a groundbreaking move of marketing savvy and rudimentary mathematical skills, the Pac-10 announced that the conference will be rebranded as the Pac-12 once Colorado and Utah officially join the conference in 2011. Genius!

Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott, during a press conference in New York touting the brand new look of the revitalized Pac-10, also took a thinly-veiled jab at the stubborn-as-friggin’-mules (and arithmetically-challenged) overseers Big Ten conference, whose division has had eleven teams since Penn State formally began participating in the athletics conference in 1993 (via an AP report):

“We will be mathematically correct going forward,” Scott said Monday at a news conference at a Manhattan hotel.

Zing! The West Coast conference will also be making substantial changes on other fronts as well. Above is the brand new logo for the Pac-10, which I assume will be changed to look exactly like I have represented it when the 11th and 12th teams officially become members. Unless they happen to have better graphics programs available to them than I do, which I suppose could be possible, likely even.

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