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Trial Evidence Seems To Indicate That Rick Pitino Enjoys Getting His Drink On

Some juicy tidbits arose during testimony today in the extortion trial of Karen Sypher a/k/a The Broad Who Knocked Boots With Rick Pitino After Close In An Empty Restaurant, and I am sure many more little tasty nuggets will be made known before this trial is wrapped up, but Sypher’s attorney, Jim Earhart, went to great lengths before the court recessed for lunch to point out the obscene bar tab Pitino ran up at Porcini’s Restaurant the evening Pitino and Sypher did the horizontal tabletop shuffle. From a report in the Lexington Herald-Leader (via Game On!):

Sypher’s attorney, Jim Earhart, honed in on Pitino’s restaurant bill that night. There was a bill for $316.24, and an additional bill for $280.12, plus a third tab for approximately $38. Of that bill, Earhart pointed out that only about $100 was for food. The rest of the $600-plus bill was for alcohol. And of the people in Pitino’s party that night (Pitino, Reggie Theus, Ron Carmichael and Tatum), Tatum did not drink because he was the designated driver, and Theus left immediately after dinner to return to the West Coast.

Damn! That’s a lot of liquor for a couple of people to drink in one evening. Unless said group happens to be a group of thirsty sports bloggers, then that bar tab is nothing.

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