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Today, In (Alleged) Dallas Cowboy Dong Photo News…

On Tuesday, Media Takeout, the internet leader in self-photographed athlete dong, made it two days in a row where they “broke” a story about a member of the Dallas Cowboys taking a photo of himself in a mirror and sending it to some girl who, once scorned, passed it along to their esteemed, soon-to-be Peabody Award-winning site. As you might recall, on Monday, they published a revealing photo of Martellus Bennett, an occurrence which left Bennett no choice but to issue a statement of apology.

Yesterday, under the provocative headline, “NOT AGAIN!!! ANOTHER NFL BALLER’S GIRLFRIEND PUT HIM ON BLAST . . . SENDS IN NEKKID PICS!!”, Media Takeout alleges that the above cropped photo (you’re welcome) is one Mike Hamlin, safety for the Dallas Cowboys, something the player vehemently denies. Of course, Hamlin lays it all on the dreaded Photoshop (via ESPN Dallas):

“It’s photoshopped,” Hamlin said after Tuesday’s afternoon practice. “If you look at my stomach (lifts shirt up) and the shirt on the photo, it’s two different things. I don’t know how these photos got up there, have no idea where it came from.”

Hmmm, I have no reason not to believe Hamlin. By all accounts, he’s a decent guy and why should we take the word of a site like Media Takeout over Hamlin’s? Plus, we all have been there before, victimized by the evils of unrestrained and unethical photoshoperry, right?

The report on ESPN Dallas also mentions that Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips had no comment on the story or the validity of MTO’s accusations. Talk about an awkward issue for an NFL coach to have to address. Imagine how former NFL coaching greats like Bud Grant or Chuck Knoll would have responded to having to answer these kind of questions from the media regarding the brand of trashy tabloid journalism which has infiltrated the media’s coverage of professional sports. It wouldn’t have been pretty, that’s for damn sure.

Fortunately for all of us who have grown weary of this sort of sensationalistic stuff, Media Takeout has assured its intelligent and articulate readers that this one may be the last…at least for awhile.

FYI – we will NOT be putting up anymore nekkid baller pics for a while. So enjoy this one while you can.. .

Good to know. Although I am concerned about Media Takeout commenter Sexii_Diva. Where else except on posts of this nature will she be able to offer up this sort of wisdom?

Who gives a fukc
Ain’t nuthin like sum bossy shyt doe!
FLU SMIF got me right!Wad up doe FLU!
Wat?! U ain’t know? GOOGLE IT!!

I see. Eloquently put, Sexii_Diva. But what am I supposed to Google exactly? She lost me with all the FLU SMIF stuff.

Michael Hamlin: Nude photos are fake [ESPN Dallas]
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