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Don’t Take The Brown Acid During ‘Jerry Garcia Tribute Night’ At AT&T Park

In a totally groovy move, the San Francisco Giants will hold “Jerry Garcia Tribute Night” on August 9th to honor the 15th anniversary of the death of San Francisco native and frontman for the Grateful Dead, who helped usher in the Haight-Ashbury era of psychedelic jam rock in the late ’60s. Among the tributes to Garcia, who passed away on August 9, 1995, will include surviving members of the Dead Bob Weir and Phil Lesh singing the National Anthem and Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and the Rhythm Devils assuming 7th Inning Stretch duties. Far out, man. Perhaps the trippiest part of the entire night will be that those who arrive early at the park will get the chance to get their hands on a Jerry Garcia bobblehead, and Dead Heads won’t even have to exchange one of their grilled cheese sandwiches to procure on of the bad boys. Way out, indeed.

As pointed out by Michael O’Keefe in his story for the New York Daily News I-Team, it is somewhat surprising, in light of the shadow Barry Bonds’ ginormous head casts over the organization that the Giants would go out of there way to honor a person well-known to be a habitual user of banned substances. But as far as I know, Barry and Jerry never crossed paths before Mr. Garcia shuffled off this mortal coil and that there is no truth to the rumors that Garcia would routinely dedicate performances of the Dead classic “Ripple” to Bonds and his steroid-fueled bombs into McCovey Cove. Makes me almost wish I could make it out there, but I guess ordering one of these Grateful Dead Giants stickers will have to do.

That sticker would look totally groovy on my VW bus, can you dig it? Yeah, I thought you would.

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