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Martellus Bennett Is Sorry, Feels Like A Wiener Over Online Dong Photo

Who would think that the seemingly innocuous and benign act of taking a photo of yourself nude in front of a mirror and then sending that photo to a girlfriend who may or may not be your significant other forever could come back to bite a person in the ass? Certainly not Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett, who has been forced to issue an apology regarding the fact that a dong photo once sent to a now ex-girlfriend has been zooming all over the internets after originally being posted on His flaccid apology, which was released as a statement through the Cowboys organization (via The Huddle):

“These pictures were taken four years ago and placed on the Internet recently without my knowledge or consent. I understand that they are totally inappropriate. And for that I am sorry. I regret the embarrassment that it has caused the organization.”

While I feel little sympathy for Bennett for the situation he has placed himself in, you have to admit having dong photos out there without any control who may or may not use them for less than scrupulous reasons must be quite disconcerting. That’s why I have ensured my dong photos are kept safe and sound in the Sportress archives, never to be seen by eyes for which the images were not intended for.

Ah, what the hell. Ladies and gentlemen, for the first time ever, after the jump, Weed Against Speed’s dong photos!

I know. So scandalous, isn’t it?

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