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Erin Andrews To Support Acronymically-Challenged Anti-Stalking Law

Erin Andrews made an appearance in Washington, D.C. earlier today to assist Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar and her goal of enacting tougher anti-stalking laws.

“The public needs to learn about stalking,” Andrews (blonde hair pulled in a ponytail, black dress and high heels) told reporters Tuesday. “I had no idea just how serious this crime was until it affected my life. ….. That video on the Internet will be there for the rest of my life.”

Flanked by Rep. Loretta Sanchez and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, the ESPN sportscaster called for passage of H.R. 5662, which adds tougher provisions and new technology to anti-stalking laws. The bill has one of those tortured acronyms to underscore the point: The “Simplifying the Ambiguous Law, Keeping Everyone Reliably Safe” aka STALKERS Act of 2010. “The problem here is that the predators are more technologically sophisticated than the laws that can be used to enforce the statues against them,” said Klobuchar.

The lawmakers took great pains to remind everyone that the vast majority of stalking victims were not glamorous TV stars (like Andrews, Playboy’s “Sexiest Sportscaster” two years in a row), but average citizens. The sportsbabe said she initially resisted competing on “Dancing With The Stars” for fear of appearing to exploit all the attention, but then decided she could be a role model.

STALKERS? Holy overdone acronyms, Batman! While I find it hard to believe any rational person would oppose such a measure, the act of trying to force the name of, um, the Act, to be an acronym is L.A.M.E. (Labored And Most Egregious).  And whoever wrote the above-referenced story for the Washington Post‘s The Reliable Source, whether it was Roxanne Roberts or Amy Argetsinger, the gals who run the the paper’s gossip blog, needs to be thanked for pointing out that Andrews had her “blonde hair pulled in a ponytail,” and was wearing a “black dress and high heels.”

High heels?? How are supposed to take a woman like that seriously? No wonder she was a victim of stalking, that high heel-wearing hussy! Oh, I mean “sportsbabe,” as the proprietors of The Reliable Source judgmentally refer to Ms. Andrews. Catty much? What is it about Erin Andrews that causes female journalists to get so pissy? Oh yeah, jealousy.

Video footage of Andrews’ statements to the press follows.

ESPN’s Erin Andrews lobbies for tougher anti-stalking laws [The Reliable Source]
(video credit: The Washington Post)