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Hey Morgan Pressel, Do You Kiss Your Mother With That F-Bomb Dropping Mouth?

Because it’s okay if you do. It was just an f-bomb, for crying out loud – that just so happened to be picked up my the microphones during the Golf Channel’s coverage of the final round at the Evian Masters in France. Pressel became agitated as she was preparing to take a swing out of a bunker when a bunch of Frenchies started clicking away with their cameras. A clearly frustrated Pressel stepped away from addressing her ball and asked the gallery to put their cameras away. Unfortunately, being French people, they either did not understand her request because they do not speak English or it can be attributed to the fact they are arrogant French assholes. One of the two for sure.

After addressing her ball for the second time, the cameras began clicking again, and that was all Morgan could stands and she couldn’t stands no more as she then admonished the gallery, saying “Are you kidding?! It’s like a f*cking circus.”

Well, I am not sure if the Evian Masters is exactly like a f*cking circus – I mean, where are the clowns, elephants and alion mauling a  ringmaster? Nevertheless, I imagine it must have been a terribly frustrating ordeal for the young Pressel. Still, such a potty mouth for such a nice girl.

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