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Everybody Loses When Someone’s Mommy Breaks Up A Mite-On-Mite Hockey Fight

Come on, mom: let them fight! Let them fight! Let them fight!

Because there is no chance of me setting up the video any better than the guy who originally posted it, Puck Daddy’s own Greg Wyshynski, I’ll allow his eloquent words to set the stage:

One warrior is unceremoniously dumped to the ice by an alleged ally. He slashes his assailant on the ankle, rises, turns, and lets loose an animalistic swat with his arm. They glare at each other as billowing rage blankets the rink. Suddenly, the aggrieved player sheds his mitts, drops his stick and prepares to seek his vengeance …

… Until his mommy tells him to stop, that is.

Fan-freaking-tastic. That video gets better every time I watch it. When the one kid drops the gloves, I absolutely lose it. Although, I found his fighting stance to be a bit lacking in balance and technique, but a couple sessions at Derek Boogaard’s Fighting Camp would definitely clear up those minor flaws.

Video: When moms ruin perfectly good youth hockey fights [Puck Daddy]