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No, Henrik Zetterberg Doesn’t Look Like A Fancy Boy At All In These Wedding Photos…

Sweet fancy Moses! What in the holy hell are they wearing? Did I get sucked into a temporal wormhole and come out at a 1920s beach party on the other end?

Technically, these atrocious get-ups are not the actual wedding garb worn by Detroit Red Wings forward Henrik Zetterberg and his blushing bride, Swedish television personality Emma Andersson (the extra “s” is for “swimwear”), but instead are the outfits worn by every single person who was invited to a pre-nuptials swimming party in Molle, Sweden. I imagine there is nothing better than being forced to put on ridiculous outfits after already being forced to attend a damn wedding. They look like they are wearing the standard prison garb at a penitentiary where Aquaman is the warden. Or something. I’m sorry, I’m not thinking too clearly right now – the black and white motif is screwing up my rods and cones and making my brain hurt.

Here is how Johanna Hellsten of the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet depicted the scene:

Det blev en rivstart på tv-profilen Emma Andersson och hockeyproffset Henrik Zetterbergs tre dagar långa bröllopsfirande. När bröllopsgästerna anlände till Grand hôtel i Mölle strax efter tre i går eftermiddag blev de serverade den norrländska drinken vargtass. Men något helt annat skulle göra dagen till en riktigt blöt tillställning.

Aha. I see Interesting.

Unfortunately, no mention on where the couple is registered, but I would guess the safe bet would be IKEA.

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