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For Showing More Effort Than Team Has All Season, Cops Let O’s Fan Run Around Field

In light of this kid’s display of mad skills during the Twins-Orioles game on Thursday night, Baltimore Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail should sign this him to a minor league contract pronto! Hey, it couldn’t hurt.

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For what seemed like an eternity – as far as a fan gallivanting around the diamond and outfield is concerned – a spry young Orioles fan took his time circling the bases and flitting about to and fro all over the playing field as police halfheartedly gave chase. A recap of the scene from Twins beat writer LaVelle E. Neal III (via Twins Insider):

A fan ran onto the field later in the game. The O’s apparently have a no-chase policy in which they let the fan run around until he’s tired. The fan made a meal out of his 15 seconds of fame. He ran around the field, dodged around jogging officers and even jumped into the stands until he saw security closing in on him, then jumped back onto the field. It took [home plate umpire] Hohn to say something to the lad – on his fourth pass through the infield – before he stopped and was escorted off the field.

Well done, kid. Video of the lad’s adventure on the base path follows.

Video via Big League Stew:

All in all, it was quite the eventful evening at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. We had this, Pavanostache’s cutthroat display of genetically-mutated freakishness, and finally, epic meltdowns by three members of the Orioles – Ty Wigginton, pitching coach Rick Kranitz and interim manager Juan Samuel, all of whom were subsequently ejected during an outrageous 7th inning.

Hey, at least give credit to the team for at least trying to entertain the few fans in attendance. For once.

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