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Wake N’ Blog: But ‘Not The White Man’s Bitch’ Is A Perfectly Acceptable Campaign Slogan

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• Ieshuh Griffin, a Wisconsin resident running for the Milwaukee seat in the state assembly, has been informed that she is not allowed to use “NOT the White Man’s Bitch” as her campaign slogan. According to state law, “independent candidates to have five words describing themselves placed after their names on the ballot as long as it’s not pejorative, profane, discriminatory or includes an obscene word or phrase.” Griffin is now seeking an injunction in federal court. Best of luck to her. I hope she succeeds in her fight against those stuffy Wisconsinites on the state’s Government Accountability Board. Fuddy duddies. [Yahoo!/AP]

• Thierry Henry forced to endure the worst television interview ever. [Out of Bounds]

• These guys might have an idea where Reggie Bush is hiding his Heisman Trophy. [TAUNTR]

• That soccer player who choked a referee during a match has received a 27-game suspension. [Larry Brown Sports]

• The ticket sales manager for the Jacksonville Jaguars finally let the pressure of no one buying tickets to games get the best of him. [Busted Coverage]

• Phenomenal Ilya Kovalchuk photoshops. Brilliant work, guys. [Four Habs Fans]

• Wait: fantasy baseball can breed real life drama? Wha? [You Been Blinded]

• Photos of Pete Rose with all the ladies in his life. [Bob’s Blitz]

• The top 10 awful topical fantasy football names. [Five Tool Tool]

• Ladies and gentlemen, from Butter Chicken: “The Lazy Wednesday Video Of A French Pop Star Most Canadian Boys Used To Jerk Off To Of The Day” [Food Court Lunch]

• Tommy from Quinzee makes a return appearance. Fackin’ A. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

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