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Tim Kurkijan Bobblehead Night? Tim Kurkijan Bobblehead Night

Now, before you get way too excited and begin frantically trying to figure just where in the country Tim Kurkijan Bobblehead Night is and how you can make appropriate arrangements to be at the ballpark to procure yourself one of these much-coveted bad boys, I have to sadly inform you that said Bobblehead Night happened last night. It occurred at Shirley Povich Field at the Bethesda Big Train game against the Herndon Braves.

Here’s the abbreviated recap of the festivities from the Big Train’s website:

Game Notes: Wednesday eveing [sic] Big Train fans enjoyed Tim Kurkjian bobblehead night at the Big Train, with special guest ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian, a local graduate of Walter Johnson High School…

Wow, it’s pretty cool that Kurkijan isn’t so “big time” that he forgets his roots and where he came from. Good on you, Tim Kurkijan.

Still, I know a lot of you out there are terribly disappointed about missing your chance. Dry your tears, friends. I am sure there is a Jayson Stark or even a Buster Olney Bobblehead Night on a minor league team’s schedule sometime, somewhere. Dare to dream, folks, and it can become a reality.

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