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Hey Look! Another Soccer Brawl, This Time With Reporters! Whee!

Soccer truly is the Beautiful Game, especially when an irate coach, who is know for his “fiery temper” and his players start mixing it up with something called “touchline reporters” after a hotly contested match.

Several of the players for Goiás Esporte Clube, one of the largest club teams in Brazil, along with their coach, Emerson Leao, who coached Brazil’s national team from 2000-2001 and also played goalie for the national team in the 1974 and 1978 World Cup, got into a brawl with sideline radio reporters after a 2-2 draw with Vitoria at the Barradao stadium in Salvador. According to reports, the coach and Goias striker Rafael Moura were taken into police custody for questioning.

Via a Reuters report on Yahoo!:

Trouble broke out after the final whistle of Wednesday’s midtable match in which Vitoria had snatched an 89th minute equaliser.

Touchline radio reporters attempted to broadcast the conversation, leading to a scuffle involving a number of Goias players.

Television pictures showed that at one point, a reporter was pushed to the ground by a Goias player.

Touchline reporters are a distinctive feature at Brazilian matches. They interview players on the pitch immediately before or after games, when players are sent off, and also run on to the field when there is a disturbance.

Watch at about the 1:00 minute mark of the video. That’s when you can clearly see one of the players knocking down a reporter with a vicious right. Well, as vicious a right-handed punch a soccer player can throw, that is. Other assorted jumping and flailing kicks can also be seen throughout the fracas.

I’m sorry, but having a bunch of reporters that can just run around the sidelines and get in the faces of players and coaches sounds like a recipe for disaster. Imagine that occurring here. And Bill Belichick thought it was annoying to have to speak to Andrea Kremer at halftime when the Patriots are getting their butts whipped and getting asked inane questions like, “What adjustments will your team have to make in the second half to get back into this game?” Actually, I’m surprised Belichick hasn’t slugged a sideline reporter yet. It could happen, right? Maybe we’ll see Belichick body slam some unsuspecting sideline reporter this season. In the rough and tumble world of the NFL, anything can happen.

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