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Financial Woes Or Not, Ain’t Nothing Gonna Hold Back The All-American Soap Box Derby

Despite trying to operate on shoestring operating budget of $1.4 million (down $400,000 from last year) during these trying economic times and revenues still running $250,000 short of expenses the past two years, the All-American Soap Box Derby soldiers on as it prepares for its 73rd running in Akron, Ohio. Hey, that’s where LeBron James was born!

To be honest, I’m surprised they are still putting the damn thing on, in light of LeBron James’ desertion of his hometown and state. I would have expected the town to have been shut down and boarded up by now.

Moving on, the reasons behind the struggles currently being experienced by the organization which puts on this little slice of Americana every year are many, according to Bob Troyer, spokesperson for the group (via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer):

“It’s a combination of economic effects. We’re working very hard to run a lean operation.”

Helping to fill in the budget shortfall are local Akron business, who have donated over $300,000 to keep the annual event afloat. Even better, some Hollywood big shots are utilizing their influence to chip in as well. How big of a big shot are we talking about here, you ask? Huge. How does the name Corbin Bernsen strike you?

Organizers expect more money to come from the upcoming Soap Box Derby movie “25 Hill.” Team Cherokee Productions, owned by director-actor Corbin Bernsen, has already donated $50,000 and will give part of the film’s proceeds to the organization. Filming continues in Akron. In fact, scenes will be shot between races Saturday.

Awesome. When you got Corbin Bernsen on your side, you know you are set on the path for success. But I wonder where Mr. Bernsen got the money. It was probably from that awesome idea for an LA Law episode he got from George backstage at The Tonight Show. You know, if Seinfeld was a reality show and not some stupid sit-com.

Anyway, all the best to the All-American Soap Box Derby and its continued success as it continues to roll on down the road, much to the delight of red-blooded Americans everywhere.

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