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Tim Lincecum’s Wild Pitch Was, Like, Totally Far Out, Man!

Whoa, dude. That was one gnarly pitch, brah. The baseball was almost about to shoot right up into orbit and stuff. It’s like Lincecum originally thought he was going to throw the ball to the catcher, but then he wondered if the catcher wasn’t really there and might have been like totally¬† right above him. Maybe Lincecum thought the catcher was on another plane of existence, somewhere up in the atmosphere or something.

Or maybe it was just because his fingers were all greasy from eating Funyuns or some other assorted snack food product.

I’m sure Giants fans might be a little miffed about the pitch, but relax, alright? San Francisco Giants pitching coach Dave Righetti has got this ultimate set of tools for dealing with the greasy-fingered aftereffects of munchies-related noshing. Actually, it’s just a paper bag filled with Wet-Naps, but it’s still cool.

[H/T SB Nation]