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Jared Allen Can Even Make Goofy Golf Pants Look Good

And by “good,” I of course mean “borderline retarded in a self-deprecating fashion.” But that’s the way of the world when you are Jared Allen. Whether he is cutting off hisĀ  mullet for his wedding or wearing a speedo during his honeymoon, Allen is always willing to go all out and do it in style, even during an appearance at the American Century Tahoe Celebrity Golf tournament over last weekend.

But on the other hand, is he wearing flip flops while playing golf in that photo? For real? Come on, dude, don’t be that guy. At least go with some Birkenstocks or something. Nah, I’m just kidding. No self-respecting human being should ever wear those damn footwear atrocities. An affront like that should get a person at the minimum savagely beaten, as by doing so makes them a stinking hippie. Or at very least, it indicates that they are supportive of their cause, and that ain’t right.

[H/T Steady Burn]
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