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Alicia Sacramone Is Back With A Vengeance! Well, Not Really With A Vengeance, But…

…it’s still pretty cool, ain’t it?

When she last left our collective consciousness, Miss Alicia Sacramone, the tough-as-nails, ultra-competitive, Boston-bred gymnast, she was performing her own personal epic fail at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. As you likely recall, she fell in two of the three events she competed in during the team final, an outcome that left her embarrassed, shamed and humiliated, which ultimately led to her retirement from the sport.

Not so fast, though. The 22-year-old Sacramone is staging a comeback and it all begins this weekend at the CoverGirl Classic in Chicago. From the Boston Herald:

Last summer, after a year off from the sport, Sacramone decided she wanted to try again while her body still could take the pounding.

“I didn’t have the performance of a lifetime at the Olympics, and I know I’m a better competitor than that,” Sacramone said. “I want to show everybody the true athlete I am so I can finish my career on a better note.”

The profile of the talented and bad-ass Olympic athlete found in the Herald is a compelling read, so I would advise on you heading over and taking a peek. For instance, did you know that Sacramone dated Brady Quinn for a  year? I had no idea she had interests outside of gymnastics, like being a beard for a high profile football player. Interesting.

But much more than that, the article highlights something I had forgotten about: the YouTube video of her knocking the crap out of some guy – who happened to be All-Ivy League Brown linebacker Steve Ziogas, a good friend of hers – during a frat party at Brown (video follows):

Awesome. That’s why I have referred to her as a tough-as-nails badass.

Welcome back, Alicia. I look forward to watching you kick ten different kinds of dog crap out of some inebriated frat boy some time in the near future.

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