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Pavanostache Says ‘Don’t Squeeze The Charmin…Or Use It To Wipe Your Butt’

Because that’s what his right hand is for!

Alright, this is a couple of days old, but as you all know because you follow my every move, I have been on vacation. Add to that my blatant homerism and the in-depth chronicling the Sportress has undertaken regarding the mutated freak we reverentially refer to as Pavanostache, I had no choice but to add this animated GIF to the Sportress’ archives.

Courtesy of TAUNTR comes this rather – ahem – uncomfortable documentation of how Pavanostache congratulated Twins outfielder Delmon Young for his game-winning hit in Minnesota’s thrilling 6-5 comeback victory over the White Sox. Take a look…

Oh man! Stinkpalm! That’s nasty. And quite creepy, to be honest. But as a mere mortal, perhaps it is not my place to question what Pavanostache does, but instead simply be thankful I was not on the receiving end of Pavanostache’s impromptu amateur proctologist exam. There are many things to be thankful for in this world, and not having your ass wiped by Pavanostache’s hand is most assuredly one of them.