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Erin Andrews Continues Her Assault On Social Media Landscape, Now On Facebook

Just when you thought you couldn’t cram more Erin Andrews-related goodness into your life – and be honest, like that’s even possible – a few hours ago, Erin Andrews, the most beloved ESPN employee in history (ever since the mysterious disappearance of The Schwab, or course), announced she has set her sights on another means by which she can take over the world: Facebook.

With over 111,000 followers on Twitter, Miss Andrews is now set to take over Facebook with her brand spanking new page, which appears to have recently been launched just days ago and it is taking the internets by storm with over 6,000 people already “liking” it.

With her recently signed contract with ESPN which reaffirms her as the once and future reigning Sideline Princess for evermore as well as her future appearances on Good Morning America, there is no telling how far this gal is set to go. But if she continues to upload photos to her Facebook page like the two below, I am behind her candidacy to usurp Oprah as Queen of All Media 100 percent.