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Creepy Hippie Skate Park Owner + Portly Reporter Crushing Kid On Half Pipe = Gold

Skate or die! Or in this instance, “Skate or prepare to get flattened like a pancake by an uncoordinated reporter.”

Seriously, is there anything in the world which provides the better likelihood for unintentionally sublime hilarity than local morning news shows?

What we have above is video of an intrepid – yet thickset – reporter from the morning show for Tampa’s FOX affiliate doing a live report from an area skate park which appears to be run by a person who takes his personal appearance queues from the villains on Scooby-Doo cartoons (“And I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for you pint-sized thrashers!”).

For reasons unknown to anyone other than hefty newshound who attempts to perform the feat, the guy tries to navigate his way across the flat of the half pipe while a dozen or so skaters are in the process of making their way back and forth higher and higher up on the transition of the ramp. Of course, he clumsily stumbles and body splashes an unsuspecting skateboarder.

Hey, butterball: as the sticker I had affixed to my social studies folder in junior high: SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME! That means young skateboarders should feel free to enjoy their time at the skate park without the fear of getting King Kong Bundy-ed by some doofus.

Many, many thanks to commenter extraordinaire Upstate Underdog